The Necessity of Setting Goals

Wouldn’t it be a shame if we spent our lives running up and down the field?

Not because we didn’t have the skills we needed to score; not because we were afraid to get out there and give it a try; not because the coach decided to bench us–but rather, because we entered the field not knowing where to direct our energy, talent and focus.

Setting goals used to feel like setting myself up for defeat or possible rejection. I would set lofty goals with unrealistic timeframes, essentially desiring perfection. And the problem with setting the goal of perfection is that there is actually no set net for such a thing– it’s ambiguous, wrongly defined and impossible to attain.

But what about those small goals, the ones that are baby steps, that inch us closer to our desired outcome everyday? Setting goals that feed our spirit, funnel our focus and facilitate our talents, while still challenging us and providing a place to learn–those are goals that are worth setting and achieving.

Goal-setting is not just wise, it is necessary! Y’all, we all were created with such unique, fun, IMPORTANT, impressive and exciting skills and abilities and it would be such a shame to let those go to waste.

The ultimate goal is US becoming more like JESUS.

Set small goals that help you inch closer to that everyday and remember: He believes in you so benchin’ it is just not a viable exit strategy.

“I press on toward the goal for the prize of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus.” Philippians 3:14



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