The Real BFG.

the real BFG

Have any of you read the book, “The BFG”, by Roald Dahl?

If you haven’t, you should.

I read it forever ago but the theme and image I have of the BFG (Big Friendly Giant) still sticks in my head.

The main characters, sweet little Sophie and the BFG, become best friends and I can still see the image I have of 24-foot-tall BFG holding out his palm with Sophie sitting in his hand.

He is the only good giant in all the land! Throughout the book, Sophie continually is amazed that such a large person can be so soft with her heart and feelings.


Sometimes I see Him as such my authority that I forget His hands are the safest place to be.

His consolation is unmatched.

His comfort is without comparison.

His ability to know our hearts could not be any more perfect, because He made them.

Do you ever think that maybe you don’t allow Him to be gentle with you?

You stiff-arm Him, keeping Him at a distance, as your rule-setter and life-giver, but He is also the most gentle of all giants.

He is crazy BIG! But what’s even crazier?! The ability that He takes the TIME and CARE to be small enough for each of us.

He does not yell at us or rebuke us when we betray Him.

He simply waits for our hearts to realize where is Home.

And then He is there, waiting, with open arms that are more cozy than your favorite reading chair.

His hands provide the most reassuring feeling when you walk into foreign land and scary circumstances.

But what we forget?

We must hold them.

I am constantly amazed that He doesn’t just give me the shaft! I mean, having to forgive someone over and over and over for something that they KNOW was not beneficial to them?

Or being stubborn about His plan for my life, selfishly and foolishly thinking that maybe I know better than the King?

If any human had this sort of love for us, we would never take it for granted and realize its’ extraordinary uniqueness.

But with God? We often overlook it.

His gentleness with His creation makes no earthly sense but it is of such Heavenly importance.

Do you take the time to sit in your Daddy’s lap?

You are loved by the only One who can love perfectly!

You are still here, even after all your mistakes. That alone proves His gentleness with you!

He does not force us to walk with Him, even though He could.

He delights in our every interaction with Him. Whether our spirit is crying out or rejoicing, His response to us will always be out of a gentle spirit.

Sometimes the rough patches we go through tempt us to think that the Maker of our plans is not gentle with our hearts or does not know our past, but let me remind you: He knows greater. And bigger.  And better. And more. And deeper than we ever will understand.

Sometimes His gentleness may feel rough but His protection and wisdom is something we can always trust.

Are you worried?

Going through a struggle?

Feeling alone?

Scared to be real and transparent with Jesus?

Good news – He already knows you need a shoulder to cry on, a hand to hold and really, really long hug.

 Go to your Daddy and let His gentleness remind you that when life gets rough, you always have a place to go.

God may not have the really large, goofy ears but He is by the far the biggest, friendliest giant ever

“You have given me the shield of your salvation, and your right hand supported me, and your gentleness made me great.” -Psalm 18:35

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