The Real Deal.

You know when you see an advertisement for a product and it looks like it’s the greatest invention ever?

Maybe it’s your magic pill to lose that weight or a pancake maker that makes perfect circular pancakes (yeah right.)

Well I was thinking and I believe a lot of us aren’t much different in our spiritual lives.
We advertise that we are giving and steadfast and that we love Jesus with everything we have! 
Yet if someone peeled back the layers, they would see that our advertisement was much better than the real deal.
We give to the point that we can still buy everything we want.
We love Jesus to the point that it’s convenient; so we receive salvation.
We forgive others as long as they DIdnt do something absolutely horrible to us, ya know, as long as it doesn’t require real forgiveness.
We attend church so that we don’t feel guilty on Sunday night.
But when it really comes down to it, our advertised Christianity wasn’t all it was cracked up to be.
God very clearly says in the Bible that He will spit out those that are lukewarm. He wold rather us be simply hot or cold.
Either we obey because we love Him or we refuse him and and do not know Him. 
There is no middle ground.
That doesn’t mean that His grace isn’t sufficient in your weakness or that your mistakes make you unable to be a Christian. That’s silly. None of us would qualify if perfection was the standards for our entrance into Heaven.
However, I think God is really asking us to stop advertising what doesn’t exist. Stop giving if it is out of guilt and stop claiming to follow him when your life speaks completely different.
If I were perfect and holy, all-knowing and gracious, and maker of the heavens and the earth, I certainly would be tired of pancake makers that didn’t work.
What does your advertisement say about who you are?
And what’s the real deal?
Don’t be lukewarm or put On a facade. It may fool others here now but when it comes down to it, God is NO fool.

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