They had been with Jesus.

Sundays— Do you notice how much calmer your spirit is or how there is a feeling of delight in your soul? Like, your body and your mind and your heart have had a trip home in a way?

This is going to seem like the most elementary, obvious, simple statement you might hear: When you spend time with Jesus, your heart is at home; and when your heart senses it is home, it is enveloped in peace.

I know we know this…but how often do we forget? We remember how Christ affects our countenance and offers contentment at church, but then we dive right back into the hustle and bustle of our week, already neglecting the one place that actually offers peace. And then we wonder why we are stressed, right?

Sundays always recenter me. Even the act of getting ready for church, I feel as though I’m in line with what my life should represent. Do I think you have to go to a building to hear from Jesus or experience church? Absolutely not. God’s people are the church. But there is something that shifts in Heaven and on earth when God’s people stop their hurrying and sit in His presence.

I love this scripture because it confirms what is true for all of us— that our courage and our kindness, our grace and our talents— anything good that comes from us is because we have been with Jesus. That is what John and Peter had in this story that set them apart. It was not their accolades, their connections, or even their gifts. It was that their actions reflected that they had spent time with their Savior.

So can I ask you, do you think people can see that in you? That despite all being thrown your way or all that fills your schedule, that your tenderness and your joy display of His splendor?

Let’s let our Sunday countenance and delight be our Monday posture as well. Why? Because we will have been with Jesus.

Happy Sunday my friends!


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