Time to groom the garden.

What lives? What you water.

What dies? What you starve.

I’ll ask you again– what lives? What you water, what you serve, what you invest in, what you give your time to, what you prioritize, what matters to you.

What dies? Whatever you refuse to serve, invest in, cooperate with, give yourself to, etc.

No matter how prickly that rose bush is and no matter how long you have let it live in your garden, if it does not receive the attention it needs to survive, it simply can not live.

The same goes for our lives, y’all.

Let’s just get to the point: what is living in your garden that needs to be starved? And what is dying in your garden that desperately needs your love and attention?


And trust me, I know that often times, refusing to water a long-lived plant friend is difficult. The anxiety? The jealousy? The comparison game? The fear? The shame? The addiction? The bitterness? We have carried our water jug around with us for so long, we almost feel empty when we aren’t watering those pieces of us that we have maintained for so long, even when we feel their thorns and have been exposed to their roots.

They, in some sick twisted sense, have given us a sense of Purpose. A false sense, yes. But a sense all the same.

The book I am currently reading- “If” by Mark Batterson, recommended the other day to “make decisions against yourself”. Basically, make decisions everyday that your future self will be so thankful for. Ya know, like working out when you’d rather eat a cheeseburger, studying when you would prefer to go out with friends before a big test, reading the Bible for 15 minutes rather than pressing snooze, working towards a specific goal everyday at the same time– whatever it is, do it.

Well, it sounds like 3rd grade common sense, but being aware and intentionally making the tough decisions in the little and the big things- it makes a HUGE difference. The daily discipline of going against your flesh is what makes for a Holy life- not an easy life or even what feels like a “happy” life sometimes- but a holy one.

The sense of urgency is apparent and the dire need for us to wake up and LIVE according to His word is real and it is crucial. For you, for me, for everyone.

Let’s stop acting like victims of our harvest and take some responsibility for what’s growing. Let’s uproot the thorny bushes that have become our dependent foes and water the plants that further bring us life.

Of course, this kind of garden grooming is intense and difficult and its ultra real-life. When the hard decisions become the right decisions and we become these like, adult people, who claim to know this miracle-worker named Jesus, we have GOT to live like that’s the case too.

So get your gloves on, get your shovel & get after it. Today’s the day! There is truly- all cliche, Shakespeare quotes aside- no time like the present.

Love you, friend! Happy Hump Day! You really are gonna just so rock this day, I can feel it!

“He is on the path of life who heeds instruction, but he who forsakes reproof goes astray.” -Proverbs 10:17

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