Time to Tap in!

Do you really believe?

So, I was deeply challenged this morning.

I was listening to a sermon by Steven Furtick on the way to work and he was talking about what waiting on God means. He said that there were people in the audience who were praying to God for wisdom, for joy and for other things they thought they didn’t’ have or seemed out of reach.

I’m thinking: Well, I’ve been praying for wisdom and discernment to guide me on this job search.

He continues with explaining how we often think God is going to drop down some special force into our lives and everything is going to do a 360! And then, suddenly, we will be wise as a serpent and joyous as a schoolgirl!

However, when we do that, we are asking God for something WE ALREADY HAVE.

When we pray for these things or discuss them with God, He is yearning for us to realize that we already have all that we need in the Holy Spirit.

I’m thinking: Oh, wow. I have been so busy asking, I haven’t even thought about that. I never even looked through His book to realize I already have these qualities.

We just have to TAP into it!

Get this: We have everything we need already, we just have to realize it, tap into it, believe it’s there and begin using it!

The Holy Spirit is not some funny little term jesus coined just to make us feel special.

The Holy Spirit is the REAL DEAL.

We have the ability to move mountains and change the world.

We already possess all the joy that can be contained in this world in the depths of our heart.

We already are strong because of Him who lives inside of us!

The catch is if we really believe it.

Let me ask you this, do you really believe that you’re capable of doing the impossible?

Do you really believe that God fulfills His promises?

Do you really believe that you’re capable of being joyful?

You should believe you are. Because you are.

Do not just “sit and wait” for God to plop joy in your life! Or hang out in the waiting room until he shows up with the discernment for where your next stop is.

You already have all that you need in the present moment. The next step is simply walkin’ in that truth.

Come to Jesus. He loves to remind His children of the blessings He has placed in their lives and the gifts they possess.

Change your to-do list and add: Start believing.

It’s time to tap into what you already have! Hellurrrrrr, you ain’t got forever.

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