To reap, dig deep roots.

Mondays, don’t they often feel a whole lot like tree-planting and a lot less like shade-sitting?

You know, I think when it comes to work, especially in our current culture, we want to see and feel the effects of our hard work immediately. We want to sweat, knowing our reward, and when the fruit of our labor seems like a distant reality, we become easily discouraged or discontent.

I think what’s hard about this truth is that we personally feel like tree-planters, while it seems like everyone around us is enjoying the shade, whether from our labor or that of another. And it can be a little frustrating, right?

But here’s the deal— we do not see the process of others. Sure, there are a few people in our lives who we know the sacrifice, sweat, stamina, and steadfastness it has required to get from a seed to a sycamore…but most others? We just see them enjoying the shade, or that’s what their social media displays, right? Or the latest update in carpool conversation seems to be a pretty rosy result, yeah? But that’s because people don’t usually ask or know about the roots. The process always seems romantic when you’re only exposed to the fruit, but the faith and the fortitude it has required to get to that place? Oh man, that requires a couple hour long coffee dates and heavy dose of reality.

We all want to be those sitting in the shade but I believe it is really something beautiful and pure to be the one who diligently waters throughout the seasons, having to trust the harvest. And since it’s about who we become, don’t you think it has far less to do with how much shade our tree casts and more about whether the process for our tree to grow has glorified our Savior?

Friend, wherever you’re at in this, i just hope we don’t get the wrong idea— that everyone is sippin’ sparkling water and eating strawberries under the perfect shady tree. There is always a greater process to the story. And when we are the ones enjoying a picnic? We will not be silly enough to believe that it didn’t require a heck of a lot of work to get there and we are far more grateful for the shade.

“Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.” -Galations 6:9


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