Transparent is the new sexy.

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Watch it. Please.

It’s only 4 minutes and 36 seconds. I know you have 5 minutes in your day to dedicate to this.

Did you watch it?

Surprising, huh?

I mean, there are times when famous actors and actresses accept an award and say something significant but rarely do they give a four minute speech listing three incredible lessons like Kutcher did.

In case you didn’t watch, I’ll give you a VERY brief overview.

Essentially, he started his speech stating that he felt like a fraud.

I’m thinking, uh oh, where are you going with this buddy.

He then revealed that his first name is not actually Ashton, it’s Chris.   Ashton is his middle name and he made it his first when he became an actor at age 19.

He then goes through three lessons that he learned as “Chris” and has re-learned since making the Steve Jobs movie.

1.  Opportunities look A LOT like hard work.  Go find them.

2. The sexiest thing in the entire world is being really smart, and really thoughtful and really generous. The rest is just crap.

Sidenote: I would add loving Jesus is the sexiest, but since Jesus was really smart, thoughtful and generous, I think that still works in a way.

3. Don’t just live the life you’ve been given and settle into the other things people have done but rather build your own life because those people who created so many things that exist in our lives today were no smarter than we are now.

I say ALL of that to say this one thing: AUTHENTICITY IS CONTAGIOUS.

When Kutcher started his speech immediately exposing a part of himself that we didn’t know before, people started to tune in.


Because not only is that rare, but it is contagious.

When you are willing to tear down a wall, you start a destruction zone party.

In other words, you create an environment that lets people know it is not just okay, but encouraged, to be themselves.

While watching this speech, I stopped seeing Ashton as a celebrity for a few minutes and started viewing Chris as someone I could deeply relate to.

I think it is no mistake that after making this movie about Steve Jobs, in which Jobs loses his life towards the end, I think Ashton Kutcher got back to remembering the lessons he learned as Chris.

Because whether you live in Hollywood or a small town, whether your name is well known or whether you’ve never traveled outside your six-stoplight small town, it doesn’t take going far to realize that being real is contagious.

Think about when you have heard someone share their story or testimony and they mention that they once struggled with drugs or pornography or stealing or lying or whatever it may be.

And our reaction at the end of the story, “WOW!!! THAT IS SO COOL.”

Obviously, it’s never the fact that someone went through those things that enthralls us, but rather that they were willing to be real.

To open up.

To be transparent.

To be okay with sharing a time when they were not okay.

Because as humans, we have a deep respect and need to surround ourselves with real people so that we can be real ourselves.

For some reason, this is always a lesson we take many times to learn.

We are apprehensive or fearful to share our struggles yet when we do, when we open that can just a little tiny bit, we receive an incredible sense of reassurance and gratitude from those around.

(I know sometimes people do not receive a warm response from sharing their struggles, so I do not take that lightly. But in that case, it’s the person listening to needs to check themselves).

So, my response to this all, being transparent is sexy.

There, I said it.

Stripping yourself of the masks and the façade and being straight up and honest with those around you is incredibly refreshing.

You should try it.

I would venture to say that once you share your story, when you sit down for story time, you will have people waiting in line to share their stories.

Because the truth is, people long to know they will be accepted for EXACTLY who they are.

The good thing is, you already are.

You can be transparent because your God knows it all anyway.

And if you think He can’t bring sexy back from even the rubble and the struggle, you don’t know Him very well.

Being perfect will be sexy when it’s possible, so um, never.

Stay sexy (transparent), y’all!

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