Unlimited Possibilities.

It’s a tad longer, I know. Scroll a litttttle more with your blackberry, I promise it is worth it.

Have you ever read a story for the second time and it hit you completely different than the first time you read it? The words are all the same but the message is a brand new one. Whether it’s because your circumstances that you’re going through make you read it differently, I’m not sure, but whatever it is, it feels like the first time all over again.

As I sat down to read my Bible, I just flipped it open thinking “Alright Lord, hit me! What do you want to tell me this morning?” Of course, I was thinking He was going to lead me right to a common verse like Jeremiah 29:11 and I could soak it in for a few minutes and call it a day (Not like I didn’t want to spend time reading, but I was thinking it was going to be a single, standout verse and BAM, done!) Well, He always has different plans for us, huh? I opened my Bible and my eyes went straight to the parable about Jesus walking on water in Matthew 14:22-33. I had heard the story a million and one times (seriously. I think I drew my Tarzan version of Jesus walking on water in vacation Bible School) but I decided to read anyway.

My brain followed as my eyes scanned the page and I started to imagine the picture. So, it begins by saying that the disciples were in a boat, which was far from the shore at that point. Jesus walked on water as he came towards His disciples and they couldn’t believe their eyes! So our dear friend, Peter, said, “Lord, if it’s you, tell me to come to you on the water.” And just like Jesus always does in the Bible, He proved to be faithful. He replied to Peter saying, “Come.” Then, guess what? PETER WALKED ON WATER, TOO!!! Wait what? I thought the parable said “Jesus walks on water”. Did you hear me correctly? Are you still picturing the story? So instead of just Jesus, we have Peter and Jesus both walking on water. Somehow, I had allowed these words to not really soak into my brain and really visualize the situation until now.

In that very moment, Peter knew in His heart it was Jesus and He trusted Him. He didn’t think twice about stepping out of the boat. His gaze was fixed upon Jesus and his feet didn’t slip or sink! …I’m still amazed thinking about this.

Later in the story, Peter loses his focus and begins to sink as he focuses on the upcoming waves instead. The instant Peter began to look away, he lost his ability to do the impossible. But you see, Peter performed a miracle, just like Jesus. He was not superhuman. He didn’t have an extra muscle that we lack. He had Jesus as the apple of his eye and the steadiness of his heart and because of this, he too could do the impossible.

Now, if this happened near the Atlantic City waterfront and a man began to walk on water, I don’t think the story would EVER stop being front page news. We tend to think that just because the Bible is old means that it isn’t alive. NEWS FLASH: If we have the faith that Peter had in that moment, we too can walk on water.

Don’t dream small dreams or set little goals because you think you’re being too much of a dreamer or you’re asking something of Jesus that requires too much faith. He loves NOTHING more! What would you have called Peter? Crazy? Just like Jesus was for Peter, Jesus is waiting for us, right there, with his hand out ready for us to step out of the boat. The waves are still coming, just as they did then, but we have the power from the man who created the sea himself.

In fact, I think I’ll change the term “dreamers” to “realists”. Let’s get real, those who dare to believe they can walk on water are the ones getting real with Jesus.

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