Watch your self-talk.

Because here’s the deal-whatever you’re telling you will eventually be what you’re telling others, whether intentionally or not.

Our “self-talk”— the voices that continually whirl around in our head throughout the day, the true opinions that we hold of the world around us, the perspective that forms our actions, the words that eventually become our conversation with others— it’s crucial. And for some reason, we have convinced ourselves that we don’t have to monitor this; that this inner-dialogue does not alter our lives, that we can be fighting within and offer words of peace, that we can be full of judgement on the inside and provide accepting conversations, that we can be poisoning our minds with the constant demands of our culture and still offer a life-giving environment for our relationship with ourselves or our friends.

Matthew 12:34 says, “For out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks.” Our hearts, the place where all our conversations begin, both with ourselves and with others.
If we want to change the thought bubbles, we are going to have to change their source. We are going to have to go to Jesus, the maker of our mind, and seek His truth. If we do not inform our hearts of what He says, how do we expect them to mediate on His Word?

Friend, your self-talk is so important. Do not underestimate the difference that your silent conversations have on your verbal ones. Are you speaking to yourself words of kindness and truth? Are you shaping your perspective on gratitude or grumbling? Are you seeking His truth before accepting a thought as truth and letting it form your foundation of decision-making?

Or do you let the harsh words you speak over you become those you also offer to others? Does your pessimistic view cloud every conversation you entertain? Have you abandoned the filter of grace with your own soul, letting harshness and abrupt words be your dialogue with your family & friends?

Self-talk matters because it is a direct sign of what you’re allowing your spirit to believe and provides direction for the steps you will take.

Let it be kind. Let it be necessary. Let it be life-giving, merciful, and anchored in truth.


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