What’s your Space Jam?

Because we all need a pep talk, I need you to  watch this youtube video:



The first time I saw this video, I felt led to do two things:

1.)  Create something awesome

2.) Find a way to adopt this little kid!

But seriously, one of my favorite lines from Kid President is:  “Your heartbeat…that means it’s time to do something!”

Your heart beat. The very sign that you are a living, existing human being is the very reason that we must get it together!

The truth is, people need pep talks for all kinds of reasons. Maybe they’ve been rejected by others before. Maybe they are in the middle of some tough circumstances and they’ve just about had it. Maybe they feel like they’re not worth creating something as awesome as Space Jam.

But you know what? That is CRAZY talk. That’s silly!

We would be underestimating Jesus if we think He just plops people on this earth with no intention or purpose to their existence and no worth to their name!

My friend, if you have a beating heart, it is GO TIME.

Like Kid President said, if Michael Jordan would’ve quit when he didn’t’ make the highschool basketball team, he would’ve never made Space Jam (obviously the highlight of his career!)

So, what’s it gonna be?

There are certainly two paths. You can waste your time. And your gifts. And your resources. And your life just being here and going through the motions.

OR…you can create something AWESOME!

I don’t know about you, but I am totally in agreement with KP, I wanna be on the path that leads to awesome.

You were created for it! You were made with far more exciting plans than to just sit on the sidelines and say you wore the jersey!

So, let me ask you this: What’s your space Jam?

What gifts do you have? What passions spark your heart’s cry? What are you going to contribute to this world and others around you that is awesome- that will change lives?

You can’t save the world. Jesus already did that. But you can change how  one person sees the world.

Space Jam changed mine.

And you can create something AWESOME.

So give yourself  a pep talk and remind yourself that going through the same monotonous routine just to make a living is not acceptable. ALSO, pursuing the same path just to be considered “successful” is nuts. AND you were made to create something awesome. It’s in your fabric.

We’re on the same team! So, while I am working on creating something awesome with Jesus’ help, I will be praying that you do the same!

Because lots of awesome things and plans made my awesome world-changers makes for one awesome life!

Everybody get up, it’s time to slam now! We got a real jam goin’ down, welcome to the Space Jam! Here’s your chance, do your dance at the Space Jam, alrighttttt

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