What we must do on Election Day.

Election Day- the day that half of America acts as though the world is hopeless, people are just numbers and everybody’s crazy side shows.

First, let me say this, PLEASE be a participant. Vote. I firmly believe that it is our responsibility to pray and exercise this power to the best of our knowledge. We must remember we are not putting our hope in one candidate or another, our Hope lies in Jesus alone. BUT we are diligently doing our part to elect the person we believe will delegate and discern the responsibilities of the Oval Office.

Second thing: Regardless of how strongly you feel about this election, it does not give you the right to demean others, disrespect authority or speak discouragement over this country.


Of course, their decisions and beliefs affect the future of our country but we must trust that The Lord is not removed from this process. Oh no. He is sovereign.

Let’s approach Election Day with His perspective in mind. May we know the importance of participating, seeking wisdom and being involved but may we find balance with believing that an election will make or break us.

You stand firm in the Promises He has given you.

You speak life over your country.

You treat others, regardless of political opinion, with love and respect.

You proactively pray for discernment for our leaders.

You place God at the top of all authority and remember His sovereignty.

You be a doer of the Word, not just one who claims it.

Whatever the outcome, we hold unswervingly to the hope we have been promised.

The. End.

Proud American signing off for now


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