Whispered Reassurance.

whispered reassurance

Breath prayers.

I really just wanted to write today to talk about these because they truly have changed my life.

My mom and dad used to always tell me about these “breath prayers” that they would say throughout their day to help arrest their whirling minds. I understood what they meant and sometimes I would put it into practice but as I have done it more and more, I have become truly reliant on these prayers.

They aren’t prayers that require you to close your eyes or get on your knees or even stop what you are doing.

Prayers never really require any specific action, they have always been just communication with our Heavenly Father, but naturally, we complicate things.

Anywho, these prayers are like a statement or a resolution or a promise that you say throughout your day, as you deal with the moment-to-moment interactions of what comes your way.

I’m probably making this sound like it’s way bigger than it is BUT for me, it is huge. It really has been just a strong tool for me to arrest my mind, refocus and remember who is in control.

“I trust you Jesus.”

“Lord, thank you.”

“I can do all things through You, Jesus”.

“In Your hands, not mine.”

“Today is yours, Jesus”.

These are some of the reminders I have been continually saying throughout my days and let me just tell you- THERE IS SO MUCH POWER IN CONSTANT COMMUNICATION WITH JESUS.

I mean, duh. That probably seems like the most obvious statement I could make but in reality—how do we go about applying that to our lives?!

For me, these have been revolutionary. When I feel myself starting to get anxious, I continually say “I trust You, Jesus”, “I trust You, Jesus”, “I trust You, Jesus” and guess what? My emotions follow suit.

You see, that’s where we mess up.

We try to do replacement therapy with our emotions sometimes, thinking that if we can tell ourselves not to be stressed, anxious, fearful, jealous, etc., that our minds will listen.

But then life happens. Work happens. Disagreement enters the situation. Fear rears its ugly head again.

And we are suddenly off track, driving 95 miles an hour down an emotional tangent road and we can’t figure out how to pump the brakes. Does this register with you at all!?

Maybe instead, if when we start to feel our emotions rising, our hearts racing and our to-do lists compounding, it would be far more beneficial to start reminding our soul of who is in control right THEN & THERE!

It is the discipline of moment-to-moment surrender that prevents the snowball from ever forming. It is the continual whisper to the One in control that reminds our hearts that worry does not have to be part of our day.

Y’all, life is hard. And we need Jesus each and every single moment we are here.

Let’s remind ourselves of that. Let’s let our souls be reassured of His victory in us and experience His freedom in our daily lives.

There is so much JOY to be had! Speak to Him. Let Him speak back to you. Let your posture be one of praise, of communication with your Jesus and I assure you, your soul will find rest in Him.

Your day is FULL of promise. You are capable and worthy. Life is beautiful and brilliant and you can trust Jesus. It’s a good, good day because we have a good, good Father.

Breath prayer- do it now. Breathe in, say “I trust You, Jesus”, and breathe out. Do it again.

See, He’s got you.

Happy Sunday, friends!

“May these words of my mouth and this meditation of my heart be pleasing in your sight, Lord, my Rock and my Redeemer.”-Psalm 19:14

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