Why Likes Leave Us Lonely

“Well I just put the picture up only 28 minutes ago, maybe that’s why I only have 14 likes?”
we think to ourselves as we refresh our Instagram feed one more time.

The realization of this temptation to remove our post leaves us wondering why we even put it up there to begin with? If for sheer enjoyment or celebration of life and it’s events and relationships, the presence or absence of those little orange hearts wouldn’t leave such an impression on our hearts, would they?

This generation is the most connected and the most disengaged we have ever been.

Our technology has connected us. We can drop files via bluetooth, share almost any piece of information gathered online, post pictures of our families and comment on the pictures of others. This ability to see into the lives of others and offer snapshots of our own lives creates this relationship between ourselves and the outside world. There is the us we let others see and there is the us that we neglect to post.

But nevertheless, we work really hard at curating our digital selves, don’t we? We will do almost anything to come across as these authentic, relaxed people who “love community and spreading love”, while inside we are left feeling lonely. Empty. Unfulfilled. Confused.

“Why didn’t it equate? Why did my followers increase but my happiness decreased?” we wonder. Because with each picture or post on our timeline, we took a piece of ourselves and our confidence, tied a bow on it and handed it to another saying, “Here you go. I hope you like this.”

We have allowed something that was simply intended to be an outlet to express ourselves and show where we are already fulfilled become the source for our fulfillment.

Our souls long to be in communion with one another. We were wired for relationship—that is a beautiful thing! But the orange hearts can never replace the human heart.

We must realize this and be diligent and intentional in seeking to build true and authentic connection with others. This will require throwing away your highlight reel and being honest and vulnerable with someone else. This may seem counter-cultural but we have to remember that in order to be loved, we have to let ourselves be known.

Let’s seek to be people of true connection and discipleship
! Don’t worry about protecting yourself and hiding behind your phone screen, the King of Kings has your back on that and He is ready for you to get out there, show up and be transparent.

He wants you to be so assured in Him, that His love always trumps and overrides your your need for “likes”.

Focus on likes and you will always feel lonely. Focus on connection and you will see the Creator’s hand at work

“And the Lord will guide you continually and satisfy your desire in scorched places and make your bones strong; and you shall be like a watered garden, like a spring of water, whose waters do not fail.” -Isaiah 58:11


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