Will you be my valentine?

February-the love month. Heart candy everywhere. Balloons all in my way at Harris Teeter. More flower commercials than actual television. Usually, I love seeing this stuff! I’m the one reading all the funny cards, laughing hysterically at how perfectly it fits my relationship. However, this year, I’m single as a bird and Valentine’s day makes me want to shoot myself in the foot. While I love hearing about all the fun and sweet things everyone is doing for eachother, it can also be a little disheartening and daily reminder that I don’t have that part of my life figured out yet. I have NO idea who I will end up with! Feeling like most people around you have this area on lockdown can be a little nerve-racking.

Well, the other day I was walking into Target and I spotted the Hallmark cards (they scream my name EVERY TIME I WALK IN!) so I headed that way. Read about ten that made me roll on the floor laughing. Hilariously funny. Read about three romantic ones before I almost wanted to cry and then…wait for it…it hit me! Valentine’s Day does not specify that it is made only for “lovey-dovey couples who want to send each other edible arrangements and dozens of roses,” (And I’m not hating on you, couples. I can’t wait to be you some day!) It is a holiday to celebrate love. Exactly that. Whatever that means for you specifically, well that is Valentine’s Day for you. Love can be a variety of things but it all stems from one person who makes it possible: Jesus. He is the very definition of love itself!!! The reason why you’re able to love someone else on Valentine’s Day is because He loved you first. So I kept reading…

One of the cards I picked up said, “The reason why we work is not only because we love eachother, but because you are my very best friend.” It’s so true. Love is deeper than a physical attraction-that is lust. Love is more than just wanting to constantly be around someone. Love is greater than having “fun” with someone. Love is the ability to be someone’s best friend and unconditionally, passionately, completely, fully, absolutely love them more for it. Although we can’t love like Jesus does, life surely wouldn’t be worth much if we didn’t try. So, this Valentine’s Day, I’m taking the time to eat, celebrate and be merry with my Valentine: Jesus. If I don’t understand His love letter to me first, how will I ever write one of my own? I know he is equipping my heart and preparing me for the best Hallmark card ever. Even better than the sing-alongs.

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