Word of the Week: FOCUS

Focus on what matters.
F O C U S.

Quick Question: Have you ever noticed how easily your brain remembers an insult versus a compliment?

There could be ten people that take the time to offer me encouragement on a blog post or design, but if one person expresses a lack of interest or says a distasteful remark, my brain immediately starts repeating the one negative comment.

“Why didn’t they like it?”, Im wondering…”I did post it without much editing, should I have rewritten it?” and just like that, I am about eleven feet down a rabbit hole and planning a different career for myself.

While that is slightly dramatic, isn’t it interesting how we often choose to focus on the things that hold us back? Or we form a perspective that is completely based on fear and suddenly our focus becomes every piece of bad news that makes its way onto our TV screen?

You see, what we focus on eventually will become all that we see.

It makes sense that when we focus on the goodness of God’s grace, His grace seems to be overflowing into every area of our lives, right?

Instead of “I can’t believe I got strep throat this week”, it becomes, “Wow, thank You Jesus that you provided a way for my coworker to cover my shift and that I was able to get the medicine that I need.”

The focus drives the future, doesn’t it? Where we give our time and our energy and our trust and our investments and our hope, well, it becomes the filter in which we view our lives.

We have to be mindful of this and realize the great authority that comes with choosing your focus. Those who claim to “focus on the good” are often seen as idealists; however, I would call them followers.

Followers of Jesus choose to believe that His fingerprint on any situation should always receive the greatest amount of attention. This does not equate to a lack of awareness or an ignorance in any area. I would actually argue quite the opposite. When someone has an elevated focus, this means that they see the brokenness of this world in even bigger ways but what they choose to magnify will always be the traces of His hand.

The hurt and the pain and the sting of reality is still a part of their human experience but what they decide to ultimately focus on remains the love of Jesus.

Simply put, Followers Focus on the Father.

How can you apply this to your life today?

Maybe you have a job where you don’t see much growth potential and you feel stuck and discouraged. Can you choose to focus on the difference you HAVE made where you are at instead? Maybe it was the life you spoke into your coworkers or the diligence you applied to the mundane tasks–those are huge, my friend!

Maybe you are going through an illness or your family member was just diagnosed with a condition and you are heartbroken. While I certainly know that this brokenness is deep and it is real and it is so hard, I do know that your God is greater and that He will use this suffering for His glory. Can you choose to seek His fingerprint in that? Maybe focus on sharing the Gospel in your hospital room? The physically sick helping the spiritually starved? That’ll preach.

Maybe your boyfriend or spouse is driving you absolutely INSANE. You are exhausted and over it and frankly, finding something good in them sounds like a chore. Well, guess what, find one. Focus on that. Choose to speak life into your situation by focusing on the incredible restoration and redemption that Jesus talks about in His word and start expecting that. Don’t you think this focus would help your spouse or boyfriend/girlfriend too?

Friends, I don’t know what this means for you today but I do know we all need to constantly be challenged to evaluate our focus and see what we can do to better highlight our Jesus.

So, that’s the word of the week: Focus.

Let’s seek some practical ways to do that and in the end, let’s remember this:

Jesus. is. greater.

He. is. constant.

He. has. our. back.


Happy Monday!

“Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewal of your mind, that by testing you may discern what is the will of God, what is good and acceptable and perfect.” -Romans 12:2


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