You gotta believe in you.

So, in the midst of my procrastination last night, I started watching a show called, “Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition.”

This show tracks the journey of one individual who was chosen to work with an elite trainer, receive a life makeover and commit one year to losing the weight that has claimed their freedom for so long.

It was incredible to watch.  The woman on the show last night lost 157 pounds in one year. 157 pounds. That is a whole other person she lost!!!!!! That’s insane. And awesome!

 As I watched, I realized why I liked this show so much.  This show not only provides these people with the tools to physically transform themselves but it allows people to finally believe in themselves again.

It sounds elementary. Believing in yourself- like it is a switch you can just turn on and off, right?

In this sweet girl’s case, that was simply not reality.  Her life had been built on beliefs that she was not worthy, ever since she was a little girl.  Growing up, her father was not a stable guardian and he instilled little confidence in her, often times reassuring her that she was simply not good enough.

The issue with her father became a stronghold in her life and because she wasn’t receiving attention from her parents, she sought food to help her cope.  It slowly manipulated her mindset, stole her freedom and planted a viscious cycle of self-doubt in her life.

 Throughout this weight loss process, she was competing with her former self.   The new her longed to show the old her that she was in fact capable of reaching her goals and pursuing her dreams.  Her former self could not look in the mirror because the additional weight she had gained signified a much deeper amount of emotional baggage that she couldn’t bear to look at.

 Day by day, she pushed through. As she started running, she gained confidence.  As she changed what she was allowing herself to put in her body nutritionally, she realized she was worth much more than filling herself with bad things.

She was doing much more than losing weight, she was gaining herself back.  She believed in herself and that changed everything.

Her relationships flourished.

Her friends rejoiced with her.

Her mind was clear and her body was able.

Her life began to be enjoyable again.

This is not to say that losing or gaining weight can suddenly make you happy.  But in this instance, it was so much deeper than that.  It was a physical representation that she was no longer letting her past weigh her down, literally and figuratively.

That’s the thing about confidence.  It is a seed that if watered poorly, can cause weeds to grow and implement themselves in every area of your life. 

However, when it is watered properly, it provides the absolute best fertilizer for a fruitful garden.

 The second she actually started believing in herself, others couldn’t help but believe in her also.

 And by the end of the show, her testimony was changing her parent’s lives as they realized they should have always had confidence in their daughter.

 So, as you face today’s tasks, ask yourself this question:

 What kind of garden do you want? Call me crazy, but flowers are much more appealing than weeds.

Do you believe in you?

You should. It changes everything.

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