You have His Direct Line

Writing to Santa

Writing to Santa

So, I was in the customer service line at Target last night and Jesus gave me the cutest little illustration right in front of my eyes.

Disclaimer: I realize I am a frequent customer at Target based on one or eleven posts I’ve written; however, Jesus always teaches me a lesson there so I am taking that as his vote of support?!

Anywho, as I am standing in line, I hear the cutest little voice excitedly enter into a phone conversation that went something like this:

SANTA! Hi. It’s Isabelle. Merry early Christmas. I would like decorated bobby pins, an organized storage container for all my beads –which I use to make bracelets for my friends- and if you have time, a Frozen puzzle.

Thank you sooooooo much! I hope you get my message!!! (exuberantly excited and hopeful tone). I will get to see you in…

**Cue break from the phone conversation and Isabelle turns to her mother standing beside her**

“Mom! What’s today?” Isabelle chirps.

“Sunday, sweetheart. Five…” her mother responds, trying to finish her sentence.

“I will see you in FIVE days, Santa”,
Isabelle confidently reminds him as she wiggles her little Frozen ballet flats.

“I am so excited. I know you’re super busy so I hope you get this! Bye! Oh and it’s Isabelle, in case you forgot”, she says as she clicks to hang up.

As Isabelle turns to hand her mother the phone, she asks, “How do I know that Santa got my message?”

“Well, you won’t know until Christmas, honey. But until then, you just have to believe”, her mother says, with the most adoring smile on her face.

Side note: Turns out, there is a number you can call that is a recording from santa Claus and children are encouraged to call and give him their list. What a fun thing to do ☺ In case you want it, Isabelle kindly provided it to me: 951-262-3062

As I watched this exchange (yes, I may or may not have written notes on my phone directly afterwards because I couldn’t get over this little angel), I couldn’t help but notice how I feel with my Jesus sometimes.

He, always available and willing to listen, has given me His direct line. No secretary, assistant or administrative angel takes notes on the words, worries, pleas, questions and conversations His children have with Him.

And when we call, much like precious Isabelle, we meekly say, “I hope you get my message”. Our fear that He is too busy to attend to our schedule or too big to hear our small requests is simply foolish. Because of His authority and our smallness, we feel as though we have to cushion our prayers or our conversations with our Heavenly Father.

And THEN, as if questioning whether He was listening was not enough, we throw in the, “Oh and it’s Isabelle, in case you forgot” line.

Literally, the very One who dreamt of us before we were visible, molded us together, knows every freckle on our body and every hair on our heads and yet we still worry that He doesn’t know our name.

And thnk about it, who was secretly listening to Isabelle’s conversation the whole time? Her mama AKA the one who would be playing “Santa” in just five short days.

Because Isabelle couldn’t see or touch Santa, she had to believe that His voice that was on the other end of the line was real and that because He loved her, he would listen to her listen and hear the desires of her heart this Christmas.

But of course Mama aka Santa knew all those desires already, heard every word that she said and was actually standing beside her every single step of the way, not just when she decided she wanted to call him.


Sounds a whole lot like Jesus to me.

Friends, He is your constant shoulder to cry on, your most trustworthy friend, your truest confidant, your most faithful love, your greatest Promise-keeper, your most generous gift-giver, the greatest and wisest and kindest and most loving One there is. And He deeply values conversation with you.

He craves hearing the details of your day, the worries that keep your mind racing at night, your greatest hopes and dreams, your fears and your fairytales, your biggest Christmas wishes and everything in between.

If only we KNEW how close He really was, right?

He hears you. Your voice is sweet honey to your Maker’s soul and conversation with Him, as you lean in to hear His instruction and direction, is the most constructive, peaceful and loving way we can spend our time.

Talking to our Maker, Immanuel, “God with us”, the King of Kings and the Chosen One.

Have you used your direct line lately? I promise you He is listening, it’s just a matter of whether you are aware of His presence and trust that He is faithful.

And even better than Jesus being like Santa and giving us what we want, He knows our hearts, our circumstances, our everything and He gives us what we NEED.

He’s that good.

Talk to Him this morning! Eyes closed or open, driving or sitting in your office, frustrated or excited-whatever the state you’re in – He wants to hear from you!

And just so you know, much like Isabelle’s mother, He is always right beside you listening ☺

“Because He bends down to listen, I will pray as long as I have breath.” –Psalm 116:2

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