you(in all your jacked up, crazy, brilliant mess). are. appreciated.

you are appreciated
Do you want to know something we all have in common?

Well, there are many things, but something that I think is 100% universal: The desire to be appreciated.

Think of the hardest, most difficult, insensitive, apathetic or callus person that you know and answer this question honestly: Do you think this person still longs to feel appreciated for who they really are?

If you answer no, I would be shocked. And you won’t answer no, for the sake of this blog, k?

But seriously, we are such hard shells to crack. Women who cover their flesh in makeup and try desperately to blend in with the crowd they desire to claim. Men, whose harshness, practicality and posture of stress is truly just a cry for a restful life.

We are complex individuals.

We are all big dreamers who far too often let fear deter us from our destiny.

We are all hopeless romantics, regardless of the degree to which we admit it to ourselves or the outside world, because who doesn’t want someone to swoon over them and choose them everyday? If you do not desire a fairytale, it’s because you’ve convinced yourself that reality simply can’t be that good.

We are all circus acts, desperately trying to juggle the balls that life throws our way, dodge the fiery hoops and walk this tight rope called life with grace and humility.

We are all performers. We avoid, run, pretend and save face because transparency is just simply too much right? And isn’t everyone watching us, to see how WE do? So we dress the part, apply the right makeup and learn the necessary lines, regardless of whether we believe the part we play.

I guess I am saying this— we are all so different in so many ingenious, brilliant and spectacular ways, but we are also all very much alike.

The flesh that covers our bones receives so much of society’s attention but our hearts cry is to let the inside do the talking.

We, at the end of the day, hope and pray that our hearts and the very essence of who we are is appreciated in this world.

Because if your character wins an award, well, that is exciting in regards to your dedication. But it’s also a recipe for disaster. Then, you require maintenance and the daily upkeep of the masquerade when in actuality, you have just been seeking permission to belong without the constume in the first place.

So, may I do the honor of telling you something?

You, in all your jacked up craziness, are so appreciated. I mean, like, actually you. Your heart is so worthy of love because the One that lives inside of you IS love. Your soul is so worthy of deep conversation that uncovers your greatest hopes and dreams. Your mind is brilliantly crafted to choose thoughts that make this world a better place.

Your physical body is SUCH a gift too. It is the vehicle that allows you to get around, to be PRESENT. It is His temple and it is to be treated accordingly. It is able and strong and willing but it is simply not your identity.

You, my friend, are necessary to this life. You are appreciated JUST AS YOU ARE. All your mess, like even the mess that you hide under the mess in the darkness, it’s accepted and grace covers your way.

Your individuality, quirks, personality, charm, beauty and heart are such a recipe for the greatest of great!

And guess what? It has nothing to do with you. You were simply crafted this way.

Think of it this way—does whether or not an airplane has ever taken flight change the fact that it was always meant to fly?

Of course not.

The same goes for your identity and appreciation in Jesus. Your realization or implementation of your true identity does not change the fact of who you are and why you were made. Therefore, it can’t be taken away.

So, may you just be you and give yourself permission to play THAT person in this life!

YOU, in all your guts and all God’s glory, make someone’s day. TRUST that!

So live in a way that shows that you know you are appreciated. Appreciate people appreciate other people. They love because they know they love and they encourage because they too, have been encouraged.

It’s a really big, beautiful world. Let’s let the light in a little more, okay?

Happy Friday!!!

“You are valuable because you exist. Not because of what you do or what you have done, but simply because you are.” -Max Lucado

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