Your Prescription: A Chill Pill

May 20, 2013



For anyone that knows me, it is no surprise that I am not very good at remaining still.

I’m not even talking about just sitting down to watch a movie, I mean EVEN IF you get me to sit down, my brain is still running a million times per minute.

Want a sneak peak into my brain? It looks a little bit like this…

Did you ever send that email?

Your clothes might be done in the dryer. Go check.

It would be good to send that friend a birthday card since their birthday is next week.

I wonder if that prayer that I prayed recently will happen?

I LOVE this movie (my eyes are on the screen at this point)

You see what I mean? I am shocked that I ever fully understand a storyline.

But really, I decided that besides posting a blog tomorrow, I am going to take a “vow of silence”.

No cellphone. Aka no social media.

No TV.

No email/texting/g-chat/skype/whatever communication means we use these days.

I know my brain will be going crazy and my hands will be slightly fidgety (sadly enough) because we are so used to being connected 24/7.

But,  if you have some time in the next week or two where you can take a “vow of silence” with me, I encourage you to.

JESUS encourages you to! Hellurrrr- He created the Sabbath so that we may have a day of rest!

And just to clarify- a day of rest is not defined as: “A day where you do not have to clock into your physical workplace”.

Nope, that ain’t rest.

Hey- even a quarter of a day or half a day- whatever you can do- do it.

Take that time to dig into the Word without checking your phone every 20 minutes to see if someone has texted you.

Maybe take that time to journal and assess where you’re at during this phase of your life.

Are your priorities lining up with your goals? Are you on the road you were hoping you’d be on?

What are your dreams that you are scared to tackle? Why?

How can you put yourself in a place to push for those dreams and those goals?

Are you involved? Serving anywhere?

If not- pray about where you can serve.

Take some time to REST and just learn about Jesus.

When it comes down to it, our relationship with our Savior is all that matters.

It is all we need.

It is all that counts.

He is sovereign over this life and the only one capable of giving us eternal life.

So, don’t put Him on the back burner.

Don’t allot him to an area of your life or a cubby hole of your time.

He is supposed to be in EVERY area of our lives because HE IS LIFE.

Highly encourage you to take a vow of silence  and don’t cheat either!!!

It will refresh your soul, and despite what you think, no one will die without your instagram memes or pics of your Starbucks drink on your off day (Im not hatin’…I do it too).

Get some time with your daddy! YOU NEED IT!

So do I!

Go find you a good, comfy chair and just be. 

Take a chill pill. For real.

“Rather, it should be that of your inner self, the unfading beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit, which is of great worth in God’s sight.” -1 Peter 3:4

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