Hayyy party people!

My name is Cleere Cherry and I am the creator of Cleerely Stated. What started as a simple blog has now turned into a full-blown encouraging gift line and I am SO thankful that the Lord had bigger plans than my small expectations. I was born and raised in Greenville, North Carolina, am a proud Tarheel alumni and I basically have a uniform of workout clothes.

Five things you must know about me:

1.)I wish I was a professional hip-hop dancer. No, seriously. My treadmill routine is always accompanied by a mental hip-hop routine going on in my head. If I hear the beat drop, watch out cause ya girl is about to get down!

2.)I think Jesus is the most relevant, fun, life-giving, interesting, and entertaining subject we could and will ever encounter.For some reason, we like to put Him in a box (I still do this all the time) but I am so in the business of helping others see how EXCITING life with Him is! That’s what Cleerely Stated really is–helping people recalibrate and be re-energized to live a full life in Him.

3.)I love Pink lady apples and guacamole. I will go to war over which apple type is the best so don’t try me. And guac, well, it speaks for itself. (Insert praise hands here)

4.)Please give me Nike shoes over fresh flowers. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE a good set of hydrangeas but after a week…well…my shoes are still going strong and those flowers? Goners. And they cost the SAME. Like, what?! No questions there.

5.)I am convinced that every single person has an extremely important story to share. There is so much brilliance, creativity, kindness, and talent in this world. I hope to help create tools to help others dig deeper with Jesus, and therefore, each other. We are all His and therefore, each other's, yes? Let’s be better in that.

I am so glad you stopped by :) You are a rockstar my friend! I hope as you travel through my site, you are encouraged and reminded of that truth.