BUT not everybody does it…

on February 21, 2012

“What are your skills? Please list all that apply.” is what the application said. Skills. What are my skills? Well, I can write okay. I can talk to a wall. I like traveling (Is that a skill? I guess not…) My mom tells me I can love the unlovable, but I still am not sure if that counts. My dad says I can find the positive in getting stuck in an avalanche (which I feel like he might be stretching my ability to be positive by just a tad). Those are my skills. Wait, can’t everybody write, talk and love other people too?

That was my conversation with myself that I had earlier today. Filling out applications for jobs and really evaluating yourself is hard stuff. What is a skill anyway?! I can pass a volleyball pretty dang good and let’s just say, I felt so unqualified for so many jobs that I almost became that desperate. As I wanted to put my head down on my computer and just cry out of the uncertainty I felt about my abilities, God so clearly whispered to me, “But not everybody does it.”

I stopped, closed my computer and thought about it. Not everybody does it….well, I guess that’s true. You see, there are so many things that we all can do. Yes, a lot of people can write but only some put pen to paper. Yes, a lot of people could love the unlovable but many do not ask God for the patience and strength to do so. Yes, many people can talk but how often do we stop to talk to those who we don’t consider necessarily, “worthy of our time.” The more I thought about it, the more I realized God was exactly right (duh). Being obedient in the small things and actually “doing” those things IS simply enough. Why? Because God favors those who act upon their faith, who are willing to move their feet and those who are bold enough to take that leap.

No, filling out applications will never be my favorite thing to do and the “What are your skills?” question will never be my favorite to answer. However, I think I’m learning that sometimes it isn’t about what I can write on paper and how I can change people’s perception of my talents but rather how God will extend favor on my behalf and open their eyes to me because HE knows I am capable. Grace. All about the grace. We do what we can and He does what He does and THAT is how major organizations, world-changing foundations and life-altering businesses are created and succeed.

What are your skills? Just kidding:-) Do me a favor and change that question around: What are the little and the big things you can do to remind others that Jesus loves them? What are the things you can do for yourself to show Jesus you appreciate His love for you? Yes, everyone can hang out in a nursing home even though it doesn’t smell awesome but let’s get real, only a few do. So, be a do-er. Be obedient. Be willing to open your hands and He will always open the windows of Heaven. Get ready friend, BLESSINGS don’t stop when that happens!


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