Each day brings new strength.

on September 01, 2023

His goodness is like a river, seeping into every bit of our lives and covering every space, providing life and sustenance and movement, even when night falls or things feel hard around us.

His goodness reminds you:
🌟 When the sun rises, new strength comes. The circumstances you feared not being able to endure, you find tenacity and will to overcome. Day by day; you learn your dependence on Him is your strength.

🌟 Reflect on yesterday—what did you shoulder that should’ve been surrendered? You can let it go. Choose to believe God can handle it today.

🌟 Tears are tangible signs of perseverance, powerful love that’s been felt, and processing that requires deep courage. Let them fall + know they are seen.

🌟 You don’t have to worry about “making up for lost time” when you’re walking with the Maker of time. He will redeem, restore, and revive.

🌟 When God seems silent, lean in and prepare. He is never absent so His quietness simply means He is hard at work. Always on the scene, He won’t let you down.

🌟 God told us time and time again that if we love Him, we love others. That’s how the world knows we are His. Serving is never wasted time—it’s the key to the Kingdom.

🌟 You’re in process!!! Things are happening. Transitions are occurring. Growth is taking place underneath the surface. Don’t fret over the outcome—keep trusting the process.

🌟 Every utterance—the deep cries, the longings you can’t voice, the dreams you stuffed deep down, and the aching even your can’t discern—He hears them all.

🌟 If you are breathing, hope is very much alive. Palpable to touch, provision in the valley, and personal to your journey—it’s worth trusting.

🌟 God is so, so, so, so, so good to you. Aware of what you don’t know, involved in what you can’t see, and covering your every step—are your eyes open to it?

Grateful that GOOD is just who He is and that we are His 🌟


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