Speak this over your week:

on September 17, 2023

Sunday is here and we feel the world around us rushing and whirling to prepare for the unknowns ahead. And though we don’t know any more than they, we do know who has gone before us, will be with us, and the steady presence who watches after us every step of the way.

This week, we will:
🤍 We will keep first things first and prioritize what truly matters. The more that we concern ourselves with what’s important, the more discernment + clarity we will find for what can be let go. This will conserve our energy for the crucial places.

🤍 We will communicate expectations instead of silently hoping they happen. We will do so with tenderness, coating our words + actions in grace. We will do so in a timely way, recognizing there is a space + a season for everything. We will do so in a truth-filled way, letting integrity + uprightness determine our standards.
This will preserve our communication with others + ourselves.

🤍 We will be acutely aware of the specific ways the enemy is after us and how we operate—maybe it’s how we schedule our free time, whether we honor small commitments or not, how we respond to our spouse, whether we turn to prayer or the phone, etc.—we will take note of these and proclaim HOPE + praise there. The enemy will not have any ground we don’t give him.

🤍 We will do the uncomfortable + hard task FIRST—attacking what we don’t prefer, we will find new strength + perseverance to handle the rest of our day. We were built for hard things.

🤍 We will declare God’s covering over our lives—His perfect, powerful, peaceful covering over every corner + crevice of our hearts, minds, body, and spirit. With Him, we have safety, provision, and peace forever. This truth will hold us close as we navigate each moment. The details are always a mystery; that is where faith resides.

This week, we will know God more.
This week, we will grow more like Jesus.
This week, we will love deeper, knowing that He is preparing a place for us 🕊️


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