The Gift of Today

on July 01, 2016

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Isn’t it funny how we treat waking up as if it is automatic? As though, because we experienced yesterday, today is guaranteed, right?

We have this entitled mentality, really with everything in our lives. We deserve to be here. We deserve blessings. We deserve the promotion. We deserve for things to go our way. But in reality…we don’t. It is ALL grace.

So, if you know you can not change your yesterday and your tomorrow is not promised, shouldn’t you spend each waking moment unwrapping the gift that is TODAY?

Shouldn’t you be eager to approach any challenges that arise, knowing that if the Maker has your time in His hands, He knew you could handle that today? With His help, of course.

But friends, we have to stop treating our days like they are pieces of gum; when we get tired of how it’s going by 3pm, we call it a day and wait for the next piece, the next day. There is so much to learn, see, taste, experience and be grateful for today.

Won’t you focus on the joy within these 24 hours?

Won’t you soak in all the little things going on around you, remembering that this day with these people can never be recreated?

My, what a gift.

Jesus, thank YOU for today. I promise to do my best to focus on what I can control- my attitude- and let go of the things I can’t. I promise to trust You with where You are taking me, letting the unknown be part of the adventure and not let it become part of the fear.

In the words of Dr. Suess, “You’re off to great places! Today is your day! Your mountain is waiting, so get on your way!”



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