10 safe assumptions for today:

on May 28, 2024

There are many things you cannot assume; because even when you think you know, you often have no idea of the entirety of it.
But today?
What is safe to assume that will infuse strength into your soul, impart new energy for where you are, and inspire hope for what’s ahead?

💛 New mercy and compassion are blanketed over your day. You can assume that today’s slate has received a fresh + perfect dose of everything that you need to begin again.

🤍 God has prepared you for the expected + the unexpected. Giants? Discomfort? Emotional agility? Flexibility? You have all that you need to face what’s ahead.

💛 Knowing the Word of God is literal protection for your day. As you operate, manage, + interact, having His promises + reservoir of grace will allow you to fully embrace the present + surrender the future.

🤍 Praise elevates your perspective + removes barriers of doubt. It widens your lens + helps you see where God is moving. Praise focuses on His character, which always brings joy.

💛 It’s safe to assume that no matter the situation, the point you want to prove, the pain you’ve endured, or what your emotions are telling you, kindness + grace are effective, available, + Heavenly.

🤍 What feels unpredictable—whether it’s an outcome of a situation, the specifics of a relationship, or your future in any area—is already in the Savior’s hands. It’s safe to assume He’s in control.

💛 Your battles aren’t against those you can see or touch—it’s much bigger, much deeper, + much more significant. It’s safe to assume that when offense knocks or you’re triggered, the enemy is trying his hand at you and you have the tools to win.

🤍 Underneath the surface is where the magic takes place. You can assume that even when you can’t see it or it doesn’t feel obvious, God is moving + mending what matters most.

💛 Your patience will wear thin as you feel the pressure of your own timeline—but remember, His considers all. You will have to surrender your timetable but you can rest assured that His is trustworthy + good.

🤍 There will not be a single place today where the presence of God doesn’t canvas, cover, and control. What is safe to assume? That He is with you. REST.

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