10 ways to be effective today:

on January 10, 2024

What does it mean to be effective?
Is it based on what’s impressive? Calculated? Visible to others? Rewarded by society?
Effectiveness in the Kingdom is a whole other scale. It considers the depths of your SOUL + prioritizes what lasts over what is seen.
But in turn, it’s the most effective strategy for effectiveness in EVERY space.

1. Pray. The One who knows everything, sees all, has a 24/7 supply of every need, + made YOU is on the line—ask Him. Consult Him. Lean into Him. Talk but mainly listen.

2. Put yourself around people who are wiser than you—people who have sat with Jesus, experienced more life, + know hardship. They’ve climbed the ladder—why wouldn’t you stand on their shoulders + see past your bubble?

3. Understand that you will not be good + successful at everything. Receive needed feedback + remove your filter of offense. Someone who can listen without taking things personally will go far.

4. Expect moments of hardship, people who disagree, or even seasons of drought. But know who keeps you evergreen—Jesus. He’s always present. DECIDE to be joyful. It’s powerful.

5. Humility is the surest way to experience true success. Remaining a perpetual student removes assumption, invites others in, + keeps you hungry. Asking questions is one of the most understated, crucial elements to achievement.

6. Know yourself. When do you thrive? Where do you need boundaries? What’s your kryptonite? How do you protect your peace? Self-awareness + self-control is everything.

7. Big vision is exciting + needed! But you need to know you can bite the elephant. Setting measurable markers where you can recognize progress + celebrate success builds fortitude to keep going.

8. You will want to quit. You will experience rejection. When you do, you will need your why top of mind. Remaining mission-minded keeps you focused, assertive, + intentional.

9. Striving is actually the surest way to burn out when you could be successful; a posture of rest gives all it can + remembers the requirement of being recharged. Get good at resting.

10. Gratitude changes the game. The more you talk about how God is moving, the more you’ll respond in faith.

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