7 things you won't regret doing today:

on March 16, 2023

You will have many choices to make today—how will you spend your time? And your resources? What’s important? What’s necessary?

Here are 7 ways you can show up that you’ll never regret:
1. You’ll never regret being kind when others AREN’T. When it’s hard. When they extend harsh words, exclude you, or do something that you know isn’t right or isn’t kind, refuse to give it back to them.
Play up—always. This speaks volumes to their soul.

2. You’ll never regret investing in the long-game. The mission at hand. The purpose that outlasts your presence because it serves a Kingdom that never fades. Whether it’s having a hard conversation to preserve the integrity of a relationship, whether it’s leaving a current job that pays more for one that brings your passion to life, OR whether it’s forgoing temporary fun for eternal growth—choose the long-game. It wins.

3. You’ll never regret showing up for a friend. Whether it be swinging by their house and hugging them and praying with them or whether it be going to support them somewhere when you’d rather relax, your heart and theirs finds great joy in experiencing that embrace.

4. You’ll never regret working for the Lord, not for others. This allows you to go the extra mile when you’re tired, extend grace when you want to prove a point, or being generous with what you have instead of self-preserving…God sees, He knows, and He honors.

5. You’ll never regret pausing and praying. Whether it’s at a stoplight on the way to a big meeting, in convo with friends, or before any type of commitment, recalibrating your mind + resetting your gaze brings wisdom + peace.

6. You’ll never regret letting offense go. No matter how hard it stings, how much you wish it didn’t happen, or how much the other party realizes their fault, you letting it go helps YOU move forward. Forgiveness doesn’t have to mean old ways of operating; it just brings new ground for healing.

7. You’ll never regret trusting God with tomorrow. Giving Him the future is the only way for you to be present today. He cares more about your advancement than anyone—He doesn’t withhold good + He controls all—therefore, what + whom shall you fear?

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