7 unique ways to show love today:

on February 07, 2023

7 unique ways to show love today

We tend to think of February and “love” in these very expected ways. And not that these romantic gestures + showings of adoration aren’t SO important but they tend to keep us in the box. Then, we confine love to a curation of outward things to maintain a perception rather than actually asking, “How can I really LOVE well today?”

1. Let an offense go + move forward
🫶🏻ANY offense that you can let go and move on, DO IT. There will be much to be offended by but Jesus is your advocate, your counselor, + your righteous judge so you can move forward. How much would people get to see Jesus if you walked around handing out grace, even when it was hard?

2. Inconvenience yourself + be generous
🫶🏻Whether it’s with your schedule, your resources, or your previous plans, when you choose to inconvenience your own life, your senses become wide awake to what’s next. Doing so, your generosity will serve them + you. Love asks, “How will this benefit them?” instead of concerning yourself with your own advances.

3. Pray with someone out loud
🫶🏻The most loving thing you could do for someone is help them talk to Jesus more—because ultimately, when you go, He stays. Praying with someone out loud helps them hear a voice acknowledging God’s sovereignty + viewing their circumstances through a Heavenly lens.

4. Tell someone strengths you see in them
🫶🏻Maybe it’s a very tangible strength or maybe it’s a certain way they handle situations or offer kindness to the world—whatever it is, expressing the goodness you see in others helps them believe it for themselves. It’s saying, “This is how I see Jesus working through you.”—name something better than that.

5. Pay attention to the little things
🫶🏻Love is often most felt when someone notes your annoyances, recognizes your delight, speaks to your small steps of progress, or voices their attention to the small moments. Because the small are the big. This says “You’re significant to me so I want to notice both a small flame and the big fire everyone sees.”

6. Listen without thinking of your response
🫶🏻Without thinking of your response or your rebuttal, just listen. Fight to remain open-minded. Often times, people don’t need your agreement but they do need you to truly hear them.

7. Champion someone else's dreams
🫶🏻Champion someone else’s dream that has nothing to do with your own. Get excited about their vision + show up for them! This showing of love will spur your own faith.

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