9 reasons you can smile when life feels hard:

on June 28, 2023
Maybe it’s a particular situation that’s weighing you down or it is just the nature of the season that feels hard + wearisome.
Lean into these reminders today:
🤍 You don’t have to worry that what’s plaguing you isn’t on your Father’s priority list. It’s front + center. When it feels silent or stagnant, remember His sovereignty over what you cannot see.
🤍 Faith requires the unknown. Perseverance requires the hard, because it’s only then that you discover the grit + tenacity He placed inside of you. The valleys build the character you need to sustain the peaks.
🤍 Sure, you wish things felt easier, but also, would you be talking to your Shepherd as much? When you’re hungry for provision, prayer becomes your fluent language. This is everything.
🤍 When you go through deep waters, your spirit learns empathy it didn’t know + compassion you couldn’t find before. Difficulty is the great evener of life, helping you broaden your perspective + give grace where you wouldn’t before.
🤍 The restlessness, tension, + pain you feel on earth always makes you long for Heaven—what a blessing. Anything that helps you be more eternity-minded makes you look more like Jesus.
🤍 To be honest, it’s often through the avenue of adversity + the vehicle of pain that we learn what truly matters. Let the roughness of your circumstances help you clear the clutter so that you can hold what lasts. Simplifying brings peace.
🤍 When you remind your heart that this, too, is temporary, it finds fortitude that wasn’t there before. No matter how consuming or loud it feels, no forecast stays the dame forever. Only Heaven.
🤍 When you’re walking THROUGH it + others know, they look to see how you will respond. When you profess your faith + proclaim hope amidst the hard, you are spreading His name far + wide.
🤍 When life hands you lemons + you still choose joy, authority is recognized + peace is palpable. Difficult circumstances are the ground you need to prove your hope was never planted in your emotions.

THIS changes every season moving forward.

You can smile in the storm, no matter how countercultural that feels, because you know who is steering this ship home.
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