9 reminders from the cross:

on April 05, 2023

It’s here—the week that Jesus came, knowing His fate, + endured the cross. So much more than a symbol—it is the very reason for this day—grace + mercy personified.


🤍 You don’t need a second safety net when you have Jesus. You can freely let go of whatever you’re carrying so that you can fully experience the abundant life He died to give you. The cross reminds you to thrive, not survive.


🤍 The cross was out of obedience. And that obedience? Out of love. His heart for you changed everything. And the greatest thank you that you could offer Him? To be that same love in return.


🤍 The presence of sorrow in the present doesn’t eliminate the expectancy you have for the future. Jesus prayed for His Father to change the course—He was so very grieved. And yet, it was the joy before Him that gave Him the perseverance.


🤍 The cross reminds you that whatever the next step requires of you, you are graced for it. Where your strength taps out, the Father’s begins. Jesus knew Friday was coming but He never let that stop Him from embracing the in-between.


🤍 The very hands that drove in the nails into His hands, He forgave. He didn’t come for the blameless; He came for the broken. Don’t hinder your life holding onto bitterness, anger, jealousy, + hardness that Jesus died to take away.


🤍 God’s plan was never in jeopardy because the sky grew dark; rather, that darkness was required so the light could burst forth. The same goes for you: Jesus wins. Cling to the victory ahead when the valley feels too long.


🤍 The sacrifice of the Savior was your atonement for the price you could never pay. Was His blood worth your freedom? There is no middle ground; if the answer is yes, letting go + walking forward must be your response.


🤍 Jesus was never surprised by those who opposed Him + laughed at His Word; He knew that Heaven spoke a language earth would never understand. Remember that + stay true to what lasts.


🤍 The criminal asked Jesus for forgiveness as he took his last breath; there is never “too late” for the Giver of Hope. Embrace will always be His response.

The cross, meant to represent the death of the King, became the greatest symbol of life.

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