9 reminders Holy Week teaches us...

on March 27, 2024


How is it that the King of Kings would take the weight of the world on His shoulders and endure the worst kind of pain so that we could know the greatest kind of joy?


🤍 No matter what the story is or what the details include, God is not done until it is GOOD. When it feels like maybe He has forgotten or you have been forsaken, He is weaving + working like only He can.


🤍 The tension of the here + now is the preparation to experience + appreciate the miracle that is on the way. However, it is still suffering. The pain is real + the time feels weighty. Embrace this wrestle…Sunday always comes.


🤍 Reflecting on all the dots that God connected along the way, His intricacy + intimacy is obvious. However, in real-time? It often doesn’t make sense. When you feel confused or it seems He is callous, remember He never departs from His everlasting care.


🤍 There will never be another sacrifice like the cross. There will never be another One like Jesus. His example set the tone for us—how will we live + what will we decide when the only One who controls the future is asking us to take the cross?


🤍 The religious officials were the ultimate fertile ground for disciples…except their pride clung to the law and forgot love was the only way. Holy Week reminds us that in order for Jesus to be known, we must forget ourselves.


🤍 Jesus didn’t come simply so we could go to Heaven—that was much of it—but His greatest desire is that we would bring Heaven to earth…that we would imitate Him to a broken world that desperately needs revival.


🤍 The story of Jesus—the bedrock of our faith—was designed to not be figured out…to surpass every limitation of logic and be the foundation for faith—because who would worship a God they could predict? Radical faith is actually the safest choice you can make.


🤍 Hope never fails. Ever. Even on the darkest day as Jesus’ body hung on the cross, light was bursting forth as love prepared the way. Light allows darkness—it is not the other way around.


🤍 Holy week is the divine permission to feel grief + joy in the same moment. Because Heaven is our home, earth will always feel hard. The weary invites the Waymaker.

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