9 reminders of how big + able God is:

on June 07, 2023
Even though you know that He is God, sometimes the heaviness or hardness of your season makes you forget how big + able He is.

Hold onto these truths where you are:
🤍 It’s easy to forget how far you’ve come and all that God has done when it’s in the rear view. But think back…remember when that mountain felt impossible + God somehow moved it or got you through it?
🤍 Despite your best efforts, you cannot make the hearts of others or yourself more gentle or kind. Only God can. The fact that He can hold, help, + heal every heart simultaneously—only God.
🤍 The order, beauty, + alignment of every living thing + ecosystem was made by Him. The world around you is a constant reminder of the God who holds you. Look up + take heart.
🤍 His ability to meet you exactly where you are in the pit AND call you forth to your highest potential—seeing both at the same time—is miraculous. Empathy guides His way but righteousness covers yours. Only God.
🤍 You are a continual work in progress + all that’s good comes from Him. When you think about the thought patterns you used to water + the strongholds that kept you, you’re reminded that nothing is too hard for Him. Because you know the depths of the brokenness, you know the restoration that was required. Personalizing it changes everything.
🤍 It is not just that He is the well for you + your refreshment; rather, it is that He is the source for ALL LIFE-GIVING THINGS. You’ll never comprehend His supply, His size, or His sovereignty.
🤍 God is God. Not the God you’ve placed in the box or think you can predict—He is God. The truths of who He is will always lead to awe + worship—further leading to peace.
🤍 Sometimes the lack of your prayers being answered or the wait of the harvest makes you doubt the One in control. Remember—He ONLY gives His best. You know what you want; He knows what you need. Your trust doesn’t change His sovereignty or goodness.

He will get you where you need to go. Remember who He is today🫶🏻
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