9 reminders that God is in control:

on May 29, 2024

We don’t realize that we are fighting for it because it’s such an innate part of our humanity—this desire to control our circumstances, others around us, + life in general.
But then the King of Kings steps in + reminds us that we can rest in something far greater:

🤍 Since time began, God was bringing order to it. Ge established creation + systems + processes, knowing that all life needs wisdom + direction. Remind yourself who is behind all order.

🤍 Control is only necessary when you don’t trust the One leading you. The mystery of His plan and His unexplainable ways are part of His majesty. Worship your way out of the desire to hold what isn’t yours.

🤍 Sometimes we tell ourselves that if we were in charge, hardship + suffering would be less. But that’s our Father’s mercy in action—He knows that the rough moments bring the refinement + the road to sanctification often looks like suffering.

🤍 When God says He is in control, He doesn’t mean that He has authority over His reactions; it means that He has total sovereignty over every person, circumstance, + moment at all times. His ability is all-encompassing + His covering is all places.

🤍 Choosing to rest in God’s provision isn’t synonymous with agreeing OR preferring His will. It means you have decided to abide in His character when your heart would prefer other circumstances.

🤍 Reflecting back on your life, it is wild + humbling to realize how much had to happen in order to bring you to where you are now. Could you have connected the dots then? Let that encourage you when life doesn’t make sense. Control has always been His.

🤍 His route will include detours. His pace will feel sometimes fast + sometimes slow. His methods will be unpredictable. But above all, His promises will never, ever let you down. Do you believe it?

🤍 Just like Adam + Eve thought they wanted to be in control because they feared missing something good. Satan will try to convince you that He doesn’t see you but remember—His eye never leaves you. Good is who He is.

🤍 When you really receive that the Father LOVES you, His control will become your hope + confidence. His heart for you determines His hand.

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