9 reminders that progress isn't linear:

on August 23, 2023

When you’re in the thick of it, sometimes progress feels distant, barely noticeable, or confusing. Remind yourself that holy, healthy, sustainable growth is never linear:


🤍 Because His plan isn’t your plan and will include detours you weren’t expecting, it rarely will feel linear. Alter your perspective—the less predictable it feels, the more purposeful it usually is.


🤍 A curvy, interesting, winding road is one of rich story and deep roots. There is nothing more valuable than wisdom + seeing life from Heaven’s view—the shadiest, most beautiful, long-standing trees follow no formula.


🤍 Sometimes, the very passing of time can make you feel paralyzed by your “lack of progress” based on the age that you are—recenter on what is true. Let time remind you that God does things all the sudden + then slowly, too. He isn’t phased by a ticking clock.


🤍 If is healthy to have heart conversations about what everyone is walking through; however, don’t let the progress from someone else’s process become the parameters of progress for your own. Looking for fingerprints where you are reminds your heart that He is faithful, intimate, + trustworthy. Your race is different.


🤍 Think about it—your gauge of your own progress is often based on where you think you should be with the little you know along the way. Humble your heart—let the truth that you can’t predict the Creator put your soul at ease. You can be confident in His heart.


🤍 Sometimes your obsession with progress is rooted in your temptation to please or impress—let that go. Oftentimes, the most lasting, true, + holy progress takes place beneath the surface where only you + Jesus know.


🤍 Because you’re a citizen of Heaven, the world will never be able to comprehend or confirm what is progress for you. Release the standards of the short-term + recalibrate according to Heaven.


🤍 Just because you know it’s worth it doesn’t mean it isn’t hard, confusing, and wearisome along the way. It’s okay to be frustrated by your view + still commit to going the narrow way.


🤍what IS “progress” to you? How are you defining success? Is it enough if your reward is simply looking more like Jesus?

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