9 signs you are growing

on May 31, 2023

Growth is the goal but sometimes the progress feels distant? Hard? Are you making any traction?
Cling to these reminders—God IS at work.


🤍 When you feel an emotion, sort through it with the Spirit, and respond instead of rashly reacting, you are growing. This self-control is incredibly powerful because you learn to trust the Holy Spirit inside of you + realize you aren’t a victim to your feelings.


🤍 In the moment, it feels necessary to respond to an offense or retaliate + defend yourself. But as you grow, you learn to save your energy for what matters + trust God as your defender, judge, + advocate.


🤍 Expectations determine your experience. You can’t control anyone else but you can control you—knowing this + making the necessary adjustments prevents you from staying stuck in frustration + disappointment.


🤍 Boundaries aren’t meant to be understood by everyone—just you + God. He knows the particulars of the relationships you hold + He made their heart, too. Staying inside His lines is evidence of your trust in His protection.


🤍 Wounds cause people to do + say things that are harsh, irrational, + unnecessary. Maturity never holds up a mirror to others to determine your worth; it enters knowing its value + expects humanity from others.


🤍 Growth doesn’t always mean cultivating a bigger circle; rather, it is trusting the ones God has already given you inside of it. Your job isn’t to gain the approval of many but to please the heart of One.


🤍 When you realize that being responsible is actually synonymous with releasing control, growth + freedom come. Humility brings clarity of your role + allows you to be present.


🤍 When you stop being shocked by opposition, your readied posture reveals your strength. Wisdom proves hurdles are sure but so is victory in Jesus.


🤍 When you continually choose to dig deep + let God refine, rework, repair, restore, + refresh your soul, the most important growth happens. Removing roots is always uncomfortable but it makes room for the life-giving nutrients to take hold.

YOU. ARE. GROWING! Keep going.
The process is the point 🌟

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