9 things I'll remember this Christmas...

on December 21, 2023

Only 4 sleeps ‘til Christmas! This means we will be really tempted to let the stress take over or the emotions to lead; however, the very person we are celebrating will help us have a posture of peace as we remember:

🤍 Pausing to prioritize from a Heavenly perspective will guard our minds from getting caught up in the insignificant. It is always appropriate to stop and ask, “Jesus, would You prioritize this?” and if not, we have full permission to let it go.

❤️ Wherever there are people + stuff + schedules + such, there is great temptation to let anxiety drive. BUT—we have His Word. We can open it! Read it! What is the point of Christmas if we neglect the Christmas story?

🤍 Christmas celebrates the King of relationship. He appreciates the gestures and isn’t against the gift-giving but if we don’t invite the Holy Spirit into our interactions, we are missing His top concern! The Holy Spirit is what brings new depth and intimacy to Christmas.

❤️ We should go ahead and prepare for the awkward, unexpected, hard, or insensitive remarks. Why are we so surprised people are human?!? The less shocked we are, the quicker we can be to give grace. It is to God’s glory + our benefit to overlook an offense.

🤍 When we find ourselves scrolling + wishing + wanting instead of experiencing + cultivating + celebrating, we need to reassess + renew our minds. If we keep comparing our Christmas experience to our perceived, assumed judgement of another’s, we will never know the true joy of the present.

❤️ The quickest way to experience joy + generosity ourselves? Share it. Spread it with those near and far. We will never regret showing up for others.

🤍 We can go ahead and get excited that the Christmas spirit is not limited to the physical Christmas season! It’s constant. We get to walk in the same unbridled joy, contagious hope, + pure excitement ALL YEAR LONG!

❤️ How many wonders has He worked for us?! More than the number of grains of sand. Too many to count! But as we recognize them + appreciate them, our souls are filled with gratitude.

🤍 People will remember how they felt + the love they received. That’s our focus! All else fades.

Christmas...it’s on the way🎁

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