9 things to remember this Valentines Day

on February 14, 2024

The holiday centered around LOVE!
It can either feel cheesy or difficult or annoying or wonderful or something we anticipate!—depending on where we find ourselves and how we define the love in our lives.
But here are some truths we can anchor ourselves on as we prepare our hearts:

🤍 There is not one person in the entire world who doesn’t benefit from receiving love. Us knowing we love them isn’t equivalent to telling or showing them. Love in ACTION—that’s Jesus.


❤️ There is SO much love present in our lives. Are our eyes open? Look for the love! Then receive it! Voice it’s beauty! And give it back!


💗 Sometimes we think that if things that should “feel good” get hard, then something is wrong. But usually, the fight ensures the value! The more we armor up to protect it, the more we love it. Investment = allegiance.


🤍 Every desirable thing comes through the avenue of love. As we sit under His wings and then extend our own, we experience all the abundant life has to offer.


❤️ What may seem like a small deal to us can be a big trigger for others. Awareness is key. How is it that we could talk about such profound love and exclude empathy or compassion from it? Is our love selective?


💗 There is only one place and one person that can provide the kind of love our soul needs: The Maker of love. Excluding Him from the mix ensures fickle + temporary love.


🤍 Maybe our spouse or those around us don’t give or receive love the same way we do—that’s OKAY! We must create healthy expectations and understand the differences are what make it sacrificial + beautiful. <then we should seek to speak their language😍)


❤️ Valentine’s Day is not just about the romantic kind of love; however, struggling in that area is normal, especially on days that emphasize it. What does God say about where we are?


💗 Instagram is good at stirring the pot. We must guard our hearts + protect our peace. Plus, it’s usually filtered 😜

May we be students of the Giver of all love, always filling ourselves with Him before extending out.
Selfless, steadfast, + sure.
Love—it’s worth the wrestle in our hearts because what is life without it?

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