9 things you'll never regret doing:

on June 22, 2023

What are some things that you know—in every season, no matter the circumstance, + regardless of where you’ve been—will bring strength, peace, + joy?


🤍 You’ll never regret offering forgiveness to others. This doesn’t minimize your pain or prevent Justice from happening; this remembers the pain your Savior went through + prioritizes that above all. Forgiveness ALWAYS brings freedom.


🤍 You’ll never regret living with open hands + an available heart. Your Provider sees what you need. You don’t have to fear scarcity. What you give is the only thing you actually keep.


🤍 You’ll never regret doing the holy thing over what’s comfortable, popular, or familiar. Choosing the Jesus way may not be praised now but it will be the only thing that preserves your forever. His way = peace every time.


🤍 You’ll never regret putting your phone down and actually embracing who is in front of you, right where you are. Intentional conversation + intimate relationships require attention. Building boundaries to keep from scrolling will bless you more than you know.


🤍 You’ll never regret telling people what you love about who they are, their gifts, and how they show up in the world. It may seem obvious to you but hearing it will encourage their spirit. Speaking life benefits all who hear it.


🤍 You’ll never regret taking the leap of faith that actually requires you to walk in the faith that you claim to have. It requires dependence, strengthens your resolve, + reminds you of your firm foundation.


🤍 You’ll never regret prioritizing people, no matter what space you find yourself. People are His point. Forgoing your pride, choosing selflessness, + fighting to see others with His eyes brings Heaven to earth.


🤍 You’ll never regret committing to being healthy, healed, + whole. Imperfection is the promise on this side of Heaven; therefore, the point of life is continually being chiseled to reflect Him. The deep, hard work is the good, lasting work.


🤍 You’ll never regret worshiping while you wait—whether it’s on an answer to prayer, a door to open, life to transition, or a reprieve from struggle—hoping in Him will never put you to shame. In the wait, character is formed.

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