9 ways boundaries protect your peace

on January 25, 2023

Boundaries aren’t fences that keep people out + help preserve your comfort bubble. Holy boundaries are the only way to actually love others, keep Jesus first, + protect your peace.

🤍Burnout happens when the length you must travel isn’t possible with the fuel in your tank. So what do you do? You create boundaries that protect your capacity in every season, knowing they will shift, shorten, + strengthen as God needs.

🤍It is natural human tendency to want those you can see in the flesh to answer the fulfillment you’re craving but only Jesus can. Boundaries that help you full your cup with Him first make seeing, serving, + loving others possible.

🤍Wisdom says, “I know stress will come so I’ll establish boundaries to recognize it + recalibrate.” Knowing your triggers + times when stress heightens keeps you from operating with your hair on fire.

🤍Discerning what is in your realm of control gives you placement for your feet that helps you stay in your own lane. Peace recognizes when proactivity is needed and when surrender is necessary— both of which fuel forward progress.

🤍Creating boundaries that help you take a step back, listen before you speak, pause before you enter, and respond before you react are crucial if you want to love others like Jesus. Peace realizes that timing, tone, + temperament are key.

🤍The more comfortable you become with standing firm in the way of Jesus, the greater your courage + your confidence will flow. Knowing that your actions back what you claim to believe ushers trust + peace.

🤍If you aren’t intentional with where you put your time + energy, you will live distracted + feel restless inside. Letting the Lord determine where you step + how long you stay helps you yield a heart of wisdom, inviting peace.

🤍No association with any other person, no accolade, no achievement can bring the peace that comes with being attached to Jesus. Abiding in Him, you are able to embrace the other areas of your life with realistic expectations + a soul that isn’t looking for satisfaction.

🤍ANYTHING that helps you keep your eyes on Jesus + run your race is a good + holy boundary. Heaven is pleased + peace flows.

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