9 ways gratitude changes your life:

on December 13, 2023

Gratitude is far more than a response to an answered prayer or the circumstance we hoped for; gratitude is a heart posture that changes everything about your life.

🤍 Gratitude is the often the driving force of your faith when life doesn’t make sense. When logic doesn’t add up, love still leads to worship. Knowing God’s heart, you can trust His hand.


🤍 When you commit to living with your eyes open, you will realize how much you’ve been missing. God is everywhere! Turning your radar on, you get to witness + take part in His miracles.


🤍 You can feel a hard or heavy emotion strongly and still let thankfulness lead you. This means your situation may not change but your perspective totally shifts. That’s a game-changer.


🤍 The valleys are often the vehicles to you experiencing, understanding, and trusting the pure goodness of God. It’s often the things you pray away that develop the character you pray for.


🤍 Do you need a surge of energy, courage, or faith where you are? Reflect. Take inventory. Count your blessings and let them be the source of the courage you need to keep moving.


🤍 Do you want to live and love like Jesus? Gratitude is the doorway. A grateful heart leans into His will because worship breeds obedience.


🤍 When the enemy tries to make you focus on what you lack, be adamant about voicing your gratitude and watch him shrink back. Praise fuels your trust + satisfaction in the Provider.


🤍 God yearns for you to be grateful. Why? Because He knows it will protect you! Practicing gratitude reveals trust, leads to obedience, + invites peace. He knows that’s what you’re craving.


🤍 Gratitude is the anchor to the present. It allows you to be expectant, intentional, + joyful right here, right now. This makes you wildly effective for the Kingdom.

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