9 ways to maximize every new day

on January 11, 2023
2023 began a new year but EVERY DAY is a new day! So how do we maximize it? How do we steward it with care and build something that lasts?

🤍Allow His mercy to blanket your day—fully + completely letting go of everything that entangles, guilts, shames, or keeps you from running forward today. What good is His grace if you don’t receive it?

🤍Mentally walk up the stairs and survey your life from Heaven’s view—where does Jesus want you to focus? Does Goliath seem as big? What is going to last forever? Zooming out brings clarity + strength.

🤍When your mind starts to compare, put a hard stop on it. Refuse to let other people + the world around you apply pressure that the Provider didn’t put on you. Fight for contentment + voice gratitude.

🤍Talk to Jesus all day long! Your reverence for Him is not seen in the perception of your prayers but your dependency on them. Every moment, lean into Him. Close communication with the Savior is your greatest safety net.

🤍When a setback happens or life feels against you, remember what He said: you will face trouble! It’s a setup. An opportunity to cling to His peace + walk in the perseverance of your faith. Don’t be surprised and react; expect + respond.

🤍Celebrate every single day—make a habit of it! How did God show up? Make a mistake? Good, what did you learn? The more you praise Him for progress, the more strength you find for the process.

🤍The Holy Spirit was given to you to be your constant helper. When your back is against the wall, when you’re at a crossroads, when you feel your flesh fighting—call on Him. The fruit of the Spirit is in ample supply.

🤍What triggers you? Sets you back? Makes your mind go into a snowball? Know that + establish boundaries to protect your heart, guard your mind, and anchor your feet. It’s unrealistic to expect no thorns; knowing your weakness is wisdom.

🤍Live out loud!!!! Dream! Big! Have fun! Remember your hopes as a child + let God revive your passion + hope. The strongest believers take joy + hope seriously.

It’s a NEW day! Make the most of it 🌟
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