A grateful heart is not the result of everything going as planned

on November 23, 2023

Just in case things didn’t go as planned today…maybe it wasn’t a big deal and maybe everything felt like a curve ball.
Or maybe, today is Thanksgiving, and you are grateful—you are!—but you’re in it. You’re in the thick of a hard season or fighting in the trenches or warring alongside someone who is and you’re just a little weary…grateful but tired.

Thanksgiving is so much more than a holiday to gather; it’s a posture—a lifestyle—a foundation that chooses on the front end to worship the One who makes the plans instead of the results of when things go according to their plan.
True gratitude…it harnesses itself to the promises of the One who never lets you down and it fixates its eyes on the Shepherd. It realizes that detours are necessary, universal, and expected.
The unexpected is to be expected…because then, we are never confused about who is in control, who makes miracles happen, and who transforms darkness to light.
The healthiest expectation: that things will not always turn out how you thought they would but that God gives you what you’d pray for if you had access to His viewpoint.

Perhaps it is the holidays when things are hard that force you to press in and work with the soil of your heart, knowing that the Lord longs to cultivate a richness within you that has nothing to do with circumstance.
Gratitude that walks into a situation and thinks, “I wonder how His goodness will show up in this particular situation..because He’s here and He’s for me and He is certainly not surprised.”

A grateful heart must go through deep waters to know the one who sustains it.
The plans must go awry to realize that The Giver of every good thing is not thrown off or threatened—He does not need forewarning about a future that He has already written.

Tonight, you’re safe spending your time thanking Him: thanking Him for what He’s done, what He’s doing, and what He will continue to do.
He taking you good places. He’s trustworthy.
You can grieve your expectations—He sits with you there, too—but then, REST in His ways.
Really rest 🤍

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