A new way to FOCUS. Coming June 6th.

on May 16, 2023

Good intentions.
We all have them, right? Hoping that our good intentions to be better about our quiet time, prioritize things differently, pray instead of talking about prayer, or actually use the materials we buy instead of just being a consumer of them.
And then...life.
We get a day behind, we feel overwhelmed by our lack of follow-through, or whatever it may be and once again…we have just good intentions.

Confession: I am a sucker for all kinds of journals/tools but they often sit on the shelf 😭
I know their benefit and still, they collect dust.
I’ve been determined to change that.
So…we made the “Focus” journal. Literally designed for the person who wants to start journaling but needs specific direction, REALISTIC participation, and structure that doesn’t feel too boxed in but tells me where to drive.
It. Is. A. Gamechanger!!!

How’s it different?
It’s broken down into incredibly doable, bite-size chunks that is realistic for EVERY lifestyle + season.
It prompts you with what word to focus on each week, includes an acronym of that word, applicable scriptures + quotes, + space for you to reflect with Jesus on that word. You can legit journal one word each day…the point is that you show up, stay consistent, and allow your Heavenly Father to tell you what He thinks about that word.

…52 words.
How would your life change if you stopped trying to DO IT ALL and you gave your mind one word to land on, reflect on, + redefine per week?
How would your posture + perspective alter if you made space to just ENJOY GOD instead of striving to do things for Him?

I would bet that everything would shift.
AND truth is—our restlessness comes from knowing our character isn’t built on our intentions, it’s built on who we are consistently.
We have authority over our mind. We get to choose 🤍

You can now preorder the journal on Amazon and it will arrive in your hands on June 6th!!!
I’m passionate about this project. I need it. Maybe you do, too.

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