A prayer as we prepare for Christmas

on December 18, 2023

Another Monday, another M I R A C L E 🌟
Another clean slate to enter into the week and realize that life is happening FOR us, not to us. This grace foundation changes things.
Another Monday to delight in the opportunities the Savior affords us, not letting the pressure of outcomes steal the joy that we carry as we do them.

Jesus, thank You.
Thank You for everything, even the stuff that feels hard or the closed doors we thought would be open—You’re using all of this! That is not a hopeful prayer; that is truth that we get to stand on in every circumstance.

Will You help us be people who live with great anticipation and expectation at all moments of the year?
As we prepare for Christmas, help the meaning of Christmas get INSIDE of us.
The heart of Christmas—that You came for us, against all odds, and You choose us everyday.
The soul of Christmas—this warmth, this generosity, this resilience, this togetherness, this awareness of Your presence.
The mind of Christmas—this ability to live outside of ourselves because we are building a Kingdom that lasts and lasts forever. One that isn’t consumed by the constant deadlines and striving of the world because it knows the timeline and treasure of Heaven supersedes everything.

Thank You, Father.
You’re closer than our breath.
You’re leading us forward and the way is holy and good and true.
You’re helping us choose kindness when we want to retaliate and You’re helping us hold grace when frustration and impatience feel easier and more effective.

Christmas is not just a season…it is a lifestyle that says, “The Light of the world will determine everything about how I live.”

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