A prayer for...

on May 01, 2023

Another Monday, another M I R A C L E 💫
Another opportunity to walk hand in hand with the Miracle-Worker, the Promise-Keeper, the Great Sustainer, the Steady Shepherd, the Perfect Provider, the Calm Counselor, + the FOREVER friend!


Need PEACE? 🤍
He is it. His presence is with you. There is no space you will enter that He hasn’t already gone before you. His throne is never in jeopardy and His sovereignty is never threatened.
Your job isn’t control today; it’s resting in His— trusting that His will is sure + receiving the peace that comes from walking in it.


There is no one that you to run after your dreams, have the hard conversations, go into deep waters, or do the thing that you’ve been avoiding more than your Heavenly Father. He knows there will be temptation to fear and because of that, He will provide a million reminders that He is with you. Bold as a lion, confident as can be—that is who you get to be with Jesus.


Whatever is on your plate today, whatever pops up that you weren’t expecting, and however your life seems to pivot and you wonder, “How will I make it through?”, remember it is not on you. Your capacity ends and then Jesus’ begins. You only need strength for today’s affairs and then tomorrow’s will come as they may. God will refuel you. He will refresh you. You will have all that you need.


Most of life is the in-between—the hallway that intersects the different rooms and highs + lows of your life are some of the most crucial. You are being transformed here. Your prayers are being heard and your character is being tested—will You trust the Deliverer before the deliverance and the Promise-Keeper before you experience the promise? Patience reminds you that His presence during the wait is the true blessing. It is yours.


Need HOPE? 🤍
What you see is only a tiny, small, minuscule fraction of what is actually happening. Growth, healing, + power is taking place beneath the surface. Where are your eyes? What voices are turned up? Tune into His whisper + repeat His truth over your soul—you will never be put to shame hoping in Jesus. Cling to the light. The sun will come out

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