A prayer for 2024

on January 02, 2024

A fresh start is always possible with Jesus but there is something special about a year. Something that feels big and exciting and holy about new ground that will take on every season ahead—the uncertainty seems flooded with possibility and the necessity to cultivate it well feels important.
Because it is.
A new year is powerful. It’s the essence of His mercy, that your life would once again be blanketed by His kindness and that He would whisper to you once more, “Forget your yesterdays. Will you surrender this one to Me?”

Jesus, thank You a million times over. The older we get, the more time seems to pass by like a butterfly we cant catch but long to experience its beauty. Will You help us? Show us how to live with a heart a wisdom yielded to Your perfect will. May we not be afraid to miss out, letting shame lead us; yet may we also not be enslaved to our to-do list, letting striving take the wheel.
Rather, help us savor. Open our eyes on how to squeeze the most out of every second of our present because we are so acutely aware of the sheer gift that it is. Not fueled by pressure, just pure gratitude and expectancy because we know who we serve.

We are Yours—held in the palm of the hands that aligned the stars, separated the seas, and silenced the waves that crash around us. Fill us up with You and rid us of ourselves—and in this process of refinement and transformation, pour grace over us so that we aren’t discouraged by our own humanity. Our need is great but You are greater. What draws us to You is perhaps the greatest gift You’ve given us.

May 2024 be filled with healing and new hope and hearing Your affirming voice above all.
May we be quick to forgive,
Slow to get angry,
Eager to serve,
Willing to let go,
Available to pivot,
Aware to empathize,
Yearning to yield,
Longing to love like YOU.

Help us enjoy YOU. Your presence is our priority in 2024—it is the source of everything good.

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