A prayer for the Holiday Hustle

on December 11, 2023

Another Monday, another M I R A C L E đŸ’«
Another fresh week amidst the holiday season where we get to hone in on the whisper of the Savior and savor what actually lasts.
Another clean slate to receive His grace and then give it to others, knowing that the only thing we keep is what we give away.

Jesus, thank You.
Thank You a million times over for a new week where we get to decide the banner that we walk with, the posture that we hold, the disposition that we carry, and the perspective that we exercise.
Help us hold this truth seriously—EVERY moment is grace to be here. Every moment—even the hard ones—are lined with Your compassion and tenderness.
When the circumstances feel strenuous or the people around us feel stressful or the work feels strained, remove our spirit of striving and help us come sit at Your feet.
How is Christmas best celebrated??? By treasuring You. By prioritizing Your presence in every place, whatever it requires. You are the reason behind every good thing and life itself.

As we operate and make choices with the knowledge we have, give us wisdom beyond understanding. Show us how to be decisive and sure about our priorities and let that order everything else. Direct us in what is ours for each day—we won’t miss out on what is truly good when You lead our way. Let us have an eternal mindset that doesn’t feel the need to conform to culture’s version of a “merry Christmas” but rather—let us be bold in the warmth, generosity, + truth You exude. The kind that has a big, open table but also one that stands for truth no matter how uncomfortable. The kind that fights for peace and holds space for others. May the truth that You are our shepherd guide us as we love Your people. Only You know the way.

Slow us down. Lift our heads to Heaven. Fill our mouths with praise and our hearts with humility and our feet with the willingness to go wherever You lead us.

We are grateful.
If You never did another thing for us, we would still owe you EVERYTHING.

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