A prayer for your week...

on May 15, 2023

Another Monday, another M I R A C L E 🌟
Another chance to witness the faithfulness of the One who made the world, makes mountains move, masterfully brings all things together.

Jesus, thank You!
We are refreshed! Renewed! Our hearts are filled with gratitude knowing that You have equipped us and prepared us for all that’s ahead.
Rid us of any preconceived notions, bitter mentality, or shortsightedness as we enter into our days.
You are doing extraordinary things amidst our ordinary! This is where You are.

Remind us that we have FULL and complete access to every fruit of the Holy Spirit at all times. No earning, no striving, and no proving necessary. He lives in us and therefore, the power and strength are ours.
Humble us and help us tap into whatever we are struggling to walk out…
You never get angry or impatient with our need. It is to your DELIGHT and purpose to rescue us, provide for us, speak life into us, lead us, nudge us, refuel us, and love us.

Your well brings abundant life.
Not the mediocre or halfway version of living where we wished things were different or we stay half-focused on the future we can’t control—rather, the kind that so deeply immerses itself in the present because it KNOWS who covers it’s past and it TRUST who holds its future.
That’s how we want to live.
You own time. Help us steward today well.

Grateful. Loved. HOPEFUL beyond measure.

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