A prayer for your week...

on May 30, 2023

Another Monday, another M I R A C L E 🌟
Another opportunity to watch the King use everything for our good, bringing beauty from ashes, purpose from pain, and strength from struggles.
Another chance to build a life that is secure on the Rock and settled in the promises of His Word.

Jesus, thank You.
Thank You for Your mercy that woke us up again, fortifying our lungs and opening up the day before us.
We decide now that we won’t let it pass without stepping forward in faith and act on the courage You call us to.
You are on the throne and Your sovereignty is true—this is all the confidence we need.
Help us surrender our plans and fully embrace Yours.
Strip our hands of anything that entangles us.
Direct us in the way that pure, true, and safe.
Keep our gaze on You, knowing the waves will crash around us.

Father, Thank You for what You give us in every situation and amidst every season.
A sound mind—we aren’t tossed by life’s uncertainties. Abiding in You in the quiet moments, we know truth when it gets loud.
A soft heart—we get to see others + respond how You would in love. Humility overriding any offense, we are ambassadors for Your gentleness.
Steady feet—we don’t look to our circumstances for our steadfast position + purpose—we know security because of our firm foundation in You.
A self-disciplined spirit—we get to walk in the way of life and fruitfulness, no matter how loud our desires within us clamor for our attention. We won’t miss out when we follow Your lead.
We don’t just read about these attributes—we claim them! Walk in them. Thank You for them. They are ours because of our sealed identity as Your children.
No earning…just trusting.

Peace is our companion.
Joy is our inheritance.
Kindness is our fabric.
Strength is our stance.
Grace is our pace.
Love is our lean because we are unconditionally, perfectly loved by You.

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